One of the greatest joys of working in journalism has been interviewing funny, fascinating and complex characters. We walk among them every day. Here are a few of my favorite interviews over the past few years: 

Keys Weekly Exclusive With Jimmy Buffett-Streets you know by heart

On the south end of Duval Street, just before you hit the water, there used to be a restaurant flanked by red fringed umbrellas with a thatched tiki bar inside. “Logun’s Lobster House” the sign read, and if you wandered into the seaside lot on the right night in the early ’70s, you might have heard a long-haired young Jimmy Buffett play with his band.

Is Key West Kokomo? Exclusive Interview with The Beach Boys’ Mike Love

The Beach Boys are the soundtrack to a perfect California summer—or creating the feeling of one at any time, in any place. 

Swimming Against the Current

It’s nice. It’s warm. We’re in a good mood.  Hearing those words from the mouth of a New Yorker and recent transplant to South Florida, it’s a wonderful reminder of the charms of subtropical life. Sitting with poolside at the Casa Marina with Chromat founder Becca McCharen-Tran, I can’t help but think how the designer marries the luxury of Flagler’s resort with the subversive spirit of the Key West iconoclast.

Modern Love

We’ve all been there: struggling in a romantic relationship and hearing a timeworn adage from a well-intentioned friend, or coworker, or maybe mom. “You reap what you sow.” “You can’t teach an old dog new tricks.”


Inheritance and Time Travel

“I fear inheriting motherhood, a hot white Southern house.”

I do not like my hands. They are not “delicate” or “spindly” in the way lady hands are described in novels. They are large—“piano hands,” said music teachers; “man hands,” said boys—and there is blonde hair sprouting from my fingers. My girlfriends ask me to open pickle jars.

Tongue Tied

I come to you as a scab picker.

I was known for sitting alone after a grade school scuffle or a tumble off the jungle gym and picking off my scabs to watch the blood run. I was never sure if I did that to prove something to myself or just to make others watch me bleed.




Included below is a sample chapter of THE SNOWBIRD, the debut novel for which Sarah is currently seeking representation. If you are an agent or editor interested in reading the full manuscript of THE SNOWBIRD, please contact her at  

Short Fiction

Sarah is working on an untitled collection of short fiction. Included below is "Charlene and the Fountain of Youth," a story from the collection.